NO PLAGIARISM, ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL..The following assignment will weigh in on this historical debate around the following statement: Some consider Ronald Reagan the best U.S. President since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Others would disagree with that assessment. (Activity) Youare currently working as a research librarian at the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library. The foundationis putting together a proposal for a Ronald Reagan Memorial on the NationalMall in Washington D.C. They have assigned you to write a report highlightingthe historic accomplishments of Reagan during his years as the U.S. President (1980–1989) and the legacy he left behind with the fall ofthe Soviet Union. You must include his economic, social, and political majorachievements, both inthe domestic and foreign arenas. Guidelines for the proposal consist of:700-1050 word countMust include at least 2 in text citations with all references cited in APA formatInclude 1 scholarly source from the Ronald Reagan FoundationAssignment must be formed in APA formatRemember, this is a proposal letter and not a report.

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