need help with discussion question short and to the point an

need help with discussion question short and to the point answers1) List and describe the various roles (“hats”) of the president. Give examples.2) List the roles of the following members of the president’s staff and cabinet:Chief of StaffNational Security Advisor:EOP (Executive Office of the President):OMB (Office of Management and Budget):NSC (National Security Council):Cabinet:3) Identify changes that have led to the democratizing of the presidency, and evaluate how democratic the presidency is today.1) List and define the main functions of the bureaucracy. What do bureaucrats do?2) How the executive branch is organized, and what are the functions of the different kinds of administrative units that make up the federal executive branch?3) What are some of the common criticisms of the federal bureaucracy? Do these criticisms have any merit? Evaluate proposals for reform of the bureaucracy.4) Evaluate the relationship between bureaucracy and democracy. Does the bureaucracy meet the standards of popular sovereignty, political equality, and political liberty? Is the federal bureaucracy is compatible with democracy?

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