NEED AN ESSAY TWEAKED PER THE PROFESSORS COMMENTS AND ALSO NEED THAT ESSAY TO BE FURTHER EXPANDED UPON TO BECOME AN 8 PAGE PAPER. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 10 SOURCES AS A MINIMUM ALL PROPERLY CITED IN MLA FORMAT.ESSAY ON THE DANCE MUST BE TIED BACK INTO CARIBBEAN CULTURES.PLEASE READ THE ESSAY POSTED BELOW AND THEN TWEAK TO THE PROFESSORS COMMENTS THEN SUBMIT BACK TO ME FOR A GO OR NO GO ON THE 8 PAGE PAPER AFTER I HAVE REVIEWED IT.ESSAY:IntroductionAny form of art in which presenters uses their voices or body movements about other objects to bear the artistic countenance is known as performing art. Showing art is different from visual arts where artists present static art objects using canvas or paints. More so, it is worth to note that performing art has different genres such as dance, music, opera, circus, illusion, etc. Despite the differences, each of them is presented in front of live audience. This rationale pursues the hunters dance as one of the selected Caribbean performing art forms, describes the origin and history of the dance. Furthermore, the logic explains the occasions in which the dance is performed. Hunters dance is a performance art form that entails intentionally selected sequences of human movement which has an aesthetic and symbolic value and is usually recognized as the dance by performers and observers of a particular culture (Shorter, 2012). Dancers reenact a dramatic deer hunt to honor the natural world by and the white tail of the deer. The dance is categorized and defined by historical eras, place of origin, its step sequence and repertoire body movements.The history of hunters’ dance and religious ritualism dates back to the 2nd millennium BC in India. The dance resulted from the prevalence of ritualism among different tribes i.e. some members of the tribe played the role of wild animals whereas other members of a different tribe played the role of hunters. Those who played the role of the hunters chased those who performed the role of the animals. The hunter’s dance is rhythmic and entertains the audience in the performance setting (Josh, 2012). The mood of the dance is created using traditional instruments such as flutes, rasps and chanting to accompany the dancers. Typically, the dance has a powerful compulsion channeled through skilled performers. To some extent, the dance becomes intense and communicative and might glee the audience who feel no urge to dance themselves.The hunter’s dance is a classical dance performed to express joy and happiness of the community. The uniqueness of this dance is that it is extremely simple with few body movements and can be played by both males and female together at the same time. Like other dances, the hunter’s dance is performed with a unique costume to celebrate the arrival of the harvest season and other festivals such as a birth of a child in the tribe or weddings. Because India has diverse cultural and ethnic groups, the dance is performed in different styles and cultural values associated with the tribe. For instance, the hunter’s dance is carried out on happy events related to agriculture in an individual community, whereas the same dance can be performed by another community to symbolize victory after a war. Many communities carry out this dance to commemorate the struggle, and the valiant battles fought to preserve their land and culture. The inherent spirituality about the rural folk in India and symbolism, not necessarily the urban-bred, is an integral part of attitude and beliefs of the rural people (Lesser, 1933).ReferencesJosh, J. (2012). Tribal dance Form in India. Home, Art, and Culture, 12-13.Lesser, A. (1933). Cultural Significance of the Hunters and Ghost Dance. In the American Anthropologists (pp. 113-115). New York: In Press Columbia University.Shorter, D. (2012). Hunting for History in Putnam Pueblo: An Indian Deer Dancing Epistemology. Hunting for History- Folklore, 25-26ESSAY COMMENTS FROM PROFESSOR:You have a great beginning of your final paper. I am excited to see your paper as it evolves and to see how you will make the connections between the historical context of the hunters dance and how it connects with the dances seen within the Caribbean culture today.Please let me know if you would like me to grade your submission now or if want to work on a few items that will make it worthy of an ‘A’. To obtain an A, you will need to tighten up your thesis statement a bit, clarifying (stating) the points that you are going to cover within the paper (I know you started this statement – it needs to bit of refinement) and determine and let the reader know if, of your proposed question, what you have concluded and how you have been able to arrive at this answer. As you continue to work on this draft, do not forget to be a bit more specific in how you cite your sources, specifically where to insert the citations of your sources.For example, when you mentioned a specific date or century, you need to cite a source (or sources) from which you received that information from. (Let me know if you want some more clarity on this item).

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