NEED ALL ANSWERED IN DETAIL1. How does the burden of proof i

NEED ALL ANSWERED IN DETAIL1. How does the burden of proof in a civil case differ from that in a criminalcase?2. Does criminal law have a place during a sports contest due to the inherentviolent nature of certain sports and the expectations by participants andspectators?3. Why does Canada prosecute illegitimate acts of sports violence far more thanin U.S. jurisdictions?4. Should ticket scalping laws be repealed altogether in light of extremeadvances in technology?5. Provide examples of raging parents and overzealous spectators and fans andhow this has led to enactment to Calvin Klein laws.6. How has the city of Philadelphia become infamous in criminal law as it relatesto sports?7. Compare and contrast the crimes of hazing, stalking and extortion, and provide examples.8. Discuss the various incidents throughout the years involving the NCAA andsports bribery.9. Provide examples of incidents in sports law related to cruelty to animals.10. Discuss the constitutional law issues related to stadium pat-downs and how itrelates to criminal law.

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