My three careers are 1.Finance Business 2. Database Administ

My three careers are 1.Finance Business 2. Database Administrators 3.Security ConsultantPlease read that assignment, grading rubric and all of the information under this link before you submit. Submit both your Word and Excel files. Example APA Format Attached Files: Hacker-Mira-APA.pdf (981.571 KB) Model Sample Paper in APA Format Click on the link above to access. This paper, from a different subject area, serves as a general guideline to formatting a research paper in APA style. You do not need to do any further research about APA format, because you will find slight differences. Also, be aware that you are to use Word to manage your sources (you will learn how to do this). Therefore, you will be able to generate your references page automatically in proper format. So you don’t need to worry about formatting there. Another resource you may find useful about APA format is at: Again, please use MS Word reference feature to manage your sources and citations and specify APA format so you don’t have to be concerned about all the rules. Research Paper Grading Rubric Attached Files: INT 1010 Research Project Rubric for Students (6).docx (165.81 KB) This document shows how you will earn points on Phase 5, the final version of the career research paper. Phase 5 Format Final Paper After you make any necessary changes based on the originality report and your evaluation matrix, format your paper according to APA formatting style (see example paper in Blackboard for illustration of this format). It should include: Title page Abstract Body of paper with sources credited parenthetically The evaluation matrix and chart pasted into the body of the paper at an appropriate place References page (not the annotated bibliography)Submit this final draft document (one Word file) and the evaluation matrix (one Excel file) into the Blackboard assignment for this phase.

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