my instruction is a in the down of this page and the paper a

my instruction is a in the down of this page and the paper about 3-4 pages You are going to connect the FORMS (DEVICES) THEY USE TO THE CONTENT OF THE WRITING(MESSAGES). Don’t go crazy trying to name and find as many devices as possible; integrate yourreference to the device in your analysis as it makes sense. Here are two resources that will remindyou about literary devices (which you have learned about since elementary school) and give you aframe of reference. Your textbook also contains a glossary of literary terms:…… Fairy tales and romantic movies portray some consistent images of romantic love relationships;however, much literature, specifically the literature we have read in class, examines relationships inmore complex ways, illustrating how inequality, gender roles, and emotions such as jealousy affectrelationships. Develop an original thesis sentence reflecting on 3 literary texts, how they portrayromantic love, and how these texts compare to the stereotypically romantic tales to which we havebecome accustomed in Western culture. Be sure to specifically analyze 3 texts we have read in thesecond half of the semester, and use evidence from the texts to support your thesis. Be sure to pointout literary devices employed in the text, supporting your analysis with examples.

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