Must be in APA format and each answer has to be at least 250

Must be in APA format and each answer has to be at least 250 words. Compose your own research-based essay/answer. Must use in-text citations and post text references correctly.1.The Biological perspective has its roots in various philosophical perspectives. One fundamental issue is the nature of free will. Many biologists and other scientists do not believe in free will; rather, they believe in some form of determinism. What are your perspectives on this debate? What sorts of evidence can be presented to support free will or determinism?2. Discuss the differences between the process of sensation and the process of perception. Then provide assertions for how the perceptual process has a certain degree of subjectivity to it. Provide empirical evidence to support your assertions.3. Study the materials presented in the course and text on operant conditioning. Familiarize yourself with the basic terminology before proceeding. Share with the class examples in your life where you were operantly conditioned in the following ways:a) positively reinforcedb) negatively reinforcedc) punishedPLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN ACCEPT MY BUDGET. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME AND YOUR TOO. THANKS

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