Multinational Enterprise PlanCompany: ClothingCompany Name:

Multinational Enterprise PlanCompany: ClothingCompany Name: M.E.C.A.W (Making Easier Choices All Over The World)Market: Ages 7-25 in school. Live with or have low wage incomes.Product/Service: Provide affordable clothing for students in need. All clothing comes with a very unique collectible box. Make sure product arrives to customer.Ex. high school students who want to go to prom but can’t afford prom dresses or tuxedos; college students who want to attend career/job fairs but can’t afford business and formal attire Home Country: United StatesHost Country: ChinaFounded: 2012 by a small group of San Jose State Students Goal: to provide clothes to children/students who want to attend special events but can’t afford nice clothingDomestic Locations: Bay Area; above is our plan, attached is the requirement for the project,please do number 9 and number 11.9.Discuss the Kinds of Communications Issues Your Company May Face: Discuss the kinds of communications problems your company may face in the host country working environment. How should they prepare for and deal with these problems?11.Identify Concerns of the Host Country and the Local Community:Identify the concerns of the host country and the local community regarding your operations there. What plans do you have to deal with their concerns and to ensure a long-term cooperative relationship?1. powerpoint slides.2. write down the oral presentation in a word doc

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