Mr. Rodriguez Inchapter one of your textbook, you should hav

Mr. Rodriguez Inchapter one of your textbook, you should have engaged in what we knowabout learning. One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate yourknowledge of these concepts is to apply them in a real-life setting.Please read the case study below and answer the questions in this forum.Use this Sample Scenario Response as a reference. Part One AngelRodriguez has been teaching 5th grade for six years. He considershimself an enlightened teacher. Colleagues often remark on his classroommanagement skills, ability to relate to all learners and his drive toknow what it is that each learner knows and is able to do. Mr. Rodriguezcredits most of his teaching ability to his understanding of howstudents learn. Each day before class, Mr. Rodriguez prepares for hislearners by reflecting on his own teaching practice. As thestudents enter the room he asks them to stand and repeat the phrase, “Iam here today as an active participant and learner. I will do my verybest to collaborate with my peers, give my personal best and discovernew knowledge. Today is a great day to learn something new.” Why does Mr. Rodriguez credit his teaching ability to understanding how students learn? What possible benefits come from daily reflection on teaching practice? How does Mr. Rodriguez’s use of a daily mantra relate to verbal anchoring? What is its effect? Part Two Afterdirect instruction, Mr. Rodriguez asks students to get into groups. Mr.Rodriguez provides avenues through group work to tap into theindividual modalities of learners. He assigns roles to each group memberas follows: speaker, a note taker/visual aid analyst, a publicrelations reporter, and a time keeper. How does group work help to create a flexible environment and serve as an avenue to tap into student’s learning modalities? Part Three Aftergroup work, Mr. Rodriguez asks students to return to their seats andanswer three questions from the lesson on an exit slip before beingexcused to lunch. After lunch, he meets with individual students whilethe rest of the class is reading silently. During the meetings Mr.Rodriguez works with each individual student and reviews their completedexit slip to determine which concepts were understood and why. He thenhelps any struggling student understand the concepts. Besidesthe exit slip, what other informal assessment strategy could be used toidentify what it is that students know and are able to do? How is Mr. Rodriguez creating a personalized learning experience? **Chapter One, Example, and Sample will be uploaded**

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