In an essay of approximately 6-7 pages (1500-1750 words), e

In an essay of approximately 6-7 pages (1500-1750 words), excluding title page and references, address the following question:The United States experienced significant political, social, and economic changes from the 1930s to the 1970s. By the late twentieth century, how had these changes affected the lives of Americans? How had their opportunities for advancement changed for better or worse in relation to other Americans? Consider at least two different groups in your response. The following groups are recommended for your topic: women (including any subgroups of women), African Americans, Jewish Americans, Japanese Americans, working-class whites, middle class whites, Native Americans, white Southerners, Mexican Americans, LGBT individuals. Check with your professor if you have another group that you wish to discuss. (An outline and Annotated Bibliography is provided to assist the essay)Your paper should have at least 4-6 sources, including any relevant ones from your module papers. At least two of your sources should be primary sources. Sources should be cited and referenced in APA format.Your Final Paper should include:An introduction paragraph with a clear thesis statement outlining your overall argumentBody paragraphs with specific evidence from primary and secondary sources from the course as well as any necessary outside research to support your pointsIn-text citations and references in APA styleA conclusion paragraph that synthesizes the information you present and summarizes your main points

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