****Important Company- Bank of America Opportunities****** I

****Important Company- Bank of America Opportunities****** I need a 3-4 page well written paper with current data(Please)*** Prompt: In this section, discuss the incremental impact of a hypothetical, but reasonable, simple new investment project, such as a new product or facility or acost-cutting investment, as an initial step in thinking about the future. Be sure to address the following:A. Based on your knowledge of this organization, what is a likely investment it would consider and why? Be sure to describe the basic features of theinvestment as a foundation for considering its potential financial impact.B. Evaluate the approximate costs and benefits of the investment you identified, explaining how these would affect your spreadsheet projections andbusiness decisions. Estimates are sufficient, but should be grounded in common sense and insight into the organization.C. How does the potential investment affect budgeting and related business decisions? For example, does the investment involve significant cash spendingthis coming year, followed by benefits in the following year? How might that affect short-term and long-term spending priorities? Does the benefitoutweigh the cost?

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