I just need some sentences for each category.

I need to make some slides with power point for questions below, but please just answer these questions so that I can make one easily. I just need some sentences for each category.

For this assessment you will need to develop and present ( 15-20 slides ) your plan explaining how you would perform each of the following in a workplace environment:

1.Manage ideas and information including:

a. How you would communicate information to support others to achieve work responsibilities

b. How you would facilitate employees’ contributions to consultation on work issues

c. How you would provide feedback on the outcomes of consultations

d. How you would resolve issues raised or refer issues to relevant personnel

2.Develop trust and confidence including:

a. What policies you would establish in relation to cultural diversity and ethical practice ( develop the policies and include with your assessment)

b. What professional conduct promotes trust with internal and external contacts (identify the types of conduct and you would display these traits)

c. What adjustment need to be made to your own interpersonal communication style to meet the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical environment

3.Developing and maintaining networks including:

a. How you would use networks to build workplace relationships

b. A plan outlining the use of networks to support identifiable outcomes for the team and the organisation

4.Developing processes and systems to manage difficulties including:

a. The methods used to identify and resolve issues in the workplace

b. Guidance, counselling and support systems to assist co-workers in resolving their work difficulties

c. An action plan to address any difficulties experienced in the workplace

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