from the scenarios below andexplain the best solution. Incl

from the scenarios below andexplain the best solution. Include comments related to any ethicalissues that arise. You should try to locate at least one scholarlysource or one case that has been decided or is currently pending tosupport your answer.Scenario I—EnvironmentRecycling Genie is a new company thatcontracts with Best Buy and other electronics retailers for thecollection of old computers, monitors, televisions, and cell phonesdropped off at their facilities. The electronics contain lead, mercury,and polyvinyl chlorides that are known to have toxicological effectssuch as cancer, kidney disease, and brain damage. Recycling Genie hasbeen in negotiations to ship the e-waste to companies in China, Vietnam,and Mongolia.What are the legal and ethical concerns with shipping e-waste to these countries?Scenario II—International TradeThe purchasing manager of a fast-growingfood distribution company wants to import chocolate milk fromSwitzerland; however, he is not sure what the best option is. Themanager comes to you and asks your opinion. You know that Switzerland,Canada, and Korea are the best sources for obtaining this product. Whileyour research shows chocolate milk from Switzerland is of the highestquality, the United States imposes a tariff of 17%, which makes thisoption noncompetitive.Which US trade laws should you consider when selecting a country?Is there any way by which you can seek a reduction on the tariff? If so, how? If not, why?Select an alternativecountry (Canada or Korea) for purchasing the chocolate milk and explainyour reasons for selecting the country.

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