Fraud Case – First Nationwide Bank v. Gelt FundingRead the

Fraud Case – First Nationwide Bank v. Gelt FundingRead the following fraud case: First Nationwide Bank v. Gelt Funding Corp., 820 F. Supp 89 (1993)Prepare a case brief of this case. Include the following components:Case name and citationThe procedural history – what happened in lower courtsThe courts the history occurred inKey facts – include relevant facts onlyIssue – reason for the matter being in courtHolding – this is the court’s decisionRule of law – this is the law upon which the court makes its decisionCourt’s analysis – similar to rule of law, but expanded to include the court’s reasoning in addition to reliance on the rule of lawLegally significant – key facts in the caseYour thoughts and impressions on the caseThe fraud cause of action; elements to be provenFor additional information about writing a case brief, take a look at the following guidelines: case brief should be 2-4 pages long and should follow the APA Requirements.

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