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Deliverable Length:    10–12 slides, references optional. Use of the notes section and including visual appeal is mandatory


Create a PowerPoint presentation of a crime scene that you create (not one copied from another source) related to a domestic violence homicide. The crime scene must demonstrate the following characteristics:


1.    Evidence of motive, opportunity, and means (MOM) consistent with domestic violence


2.    Evidence of signature behavior consistent with domestic violence


3.    The presence of one or more X-factors (i.e., events beyond the offender’s control that alter the crime scene or the offender’s behavior)


4.    The crime scene should also contain other elements that you choose to enhance the quality of their presentation. Examples include staging, multiple victims, murder-suicide (common to domestic violence), and victim-precipitation (when the original victim turns table on the offender and victimizers them instead; you could also include an example of the “burning bed” offense).


For your PowerPoint presentation, make sure you provide notes in the Notes section. The presentation should be visually appealing.






Assignment Objectives


Define and utilize concepts necessary to profile cases such as modus operandi, signature behavior, and crime scene reconstruction and offender typology.


Demonstrate an understanding of the categories of abnormal behavior that are likely to be encountered in criminal behavior .






Tidbits I was considering to put in my Speaker notes:


Most dangerous situations can be identified and prevented “if only officials had done their jobs. Too many women are murdered only because the police, prosecutors, and courts to whom she had earlier gone for help failed to respond properly or failed to respond at all (WJC, 2010).”




Assessment question considering asking a victim:


Ever used a weapon against you or threatened you with a weapon

Threatened to kill you or your children

Do you think he/she might try to kill you

Does he/she have a gun or get one easily

Ever choked you

Violently or constantly jealous or control most of your daily activities

Have you left him/her or separated after living together or being married


Ever tried to kill him/herself

Do you have a child that he/she knows is not his/hers

Follow or spy on you or leave threatening messages




Links I’ve used/considering to support slide in the speaker notes section.–biological-factors-in-family-violence?rgn=main;view=fulltext


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