Directions: For estimates America’s whites will become a m

Directions: For estimates America’s whites will become a minority in 2043 – making the country majority-minority – a group says that future is already here. Most of us are multicultural, according to several research and marketing sources by virtue of where we live and who we marry, among other things. Write an essay discussing how one or more types of multicultural families in American are affected socially and/or politically. this essay, you need to look at the video and read at least one other article to address this prompt. While the U.S. Census 1.Write a clear introduction with background information about the history, theme, and even quotes from the play or your articles. Use the general topic suggestion to form the thesis statement which will be an opinion on the topic. Then add your thesis. Your thesis must have three controlling ideas. Your thesis must be the last sentence in your introduction. 2.Give your essay a title. This must be centered on the first line. 3.Develop each body paragraph using a specific topic sentence related to the controls in your thesis, thus, announcing the subject matter of that paragraph. 4.Use transitional devices throughout the essay even within each paragraph. 5.Use information from the play, article(s), and background knowledge to support your arguments (Give at least three solid, well-explained supports/incidents/examples for each body paragraph from the novel). 6.You must use quotes from the play and from your article(s). 7.You must use the MLA format. In addition, you must have: good grammar good expressions good sentences good punctuation good organization good paragraphing, and good spelling. DO NOT write in first or second person. First person is accepted only in your thesis and for personal narratives/experiences.

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