Describe the Kitty Genovese incident a. Define bystander apathy b. Define diffusion of responsibility 2. Define stereotype, prejudice, and…

1.    Describe the Kitty Genovese incident

a.    Define bystander apathy

b.    Define diffusion of responsibility

2.    Define stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination

3.    Define attribution. Know the difference between internal and external attributions.

4.    Define cognitive dissonance

5.    Describe Asch’s classic experiment demonstrating conformity

a.    Provide what participants in Asch’s experiment reported when asked why they conformed

6.    Describe Zimbardo’s prison experiment

b.    Describe how demand characteristics could have affect the results of this experiment

7.    Describe Milgram’s study on obedience

c.     Summarize the hypothesis, the method, the results, the interpretation, and the ethical issues of this experiment

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