Congressional Panel Directions -Find a list of the congressi

Congressional Panel Directions -Find a list of the congressional committees Google committees in congress.State they representHouse (district they represent or senate)Party they belong toThe committee they chair or they position within Education and a little background Answer this: Do you think this representative is qualified? -Find 5 Committees that in theory would contain members with the appropriated awareness about “ Act to Change the Dietary Guidelines( here are 5 committees that you should use): 1-Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency 2- Secretary of Education 3- Department of Health and Human Service 4- Secretaries Health and Human Services 5- Secretaries of Commerce – Write a short description on the committee’s responsibilities and how it’s related to the correlation Between BPA and obesity. -Choose 1 congressmen or women that sits each of your committee that have specialized knowledge relevant to the proposed bill ( I will send to you the Bill proposed) -Make a list of your elected panel that include this to each one of them : -Write a paragraph that will answer the following questions: -Why is it important for policy makers to be knowledgeable about topics that relate to the committee they belong to?-Do you think these people always have the best qualifications for the committee they are appointed?-Do you think politicians can have limited background on a topic yet make relatively informed decisions? How do you think they do that?-Do you think there are an adequate number of representatives with backgrounds in health care in federal office?-Do you believe politicians have the best interest of the people they represent at heart?-What would be the advantage to having more professionally diverse representation? — How do you think that influences policy and the American people?

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