Class Project Proposal Mile stone 1 Attached Files: • CIS

Class Project Proposal Mile stone 1 Attached Files: • CIS 622 Class Project Instructions.pdf (227.419 KB) • 622 Class Project Proposal Template.docx (14.666 KB) Instructions: 1. As a group, your team(Red-Team) must designate a captain. Team captains are expected to coordinate activities and drive timeliness. 2. The team captain will be responsible for making a copy of the project proposal attachment, merging content, and submitting the assignment. Make sure all group members are clearly identified in the filename and template. 3. Teams will select a project from the “Project Baseline Files.” No projects will be created from scratch. Your min SDK version must be set to 21 One person on team needs to create a zip file and submit against link. Make sure the zip file includes your team name (e.g., AGAIN: All team enhancements are to be integrated into a single project — I am expecting to receive one zip file that contains one project. Make sure you have added comments in the project files so I can easily identify what each project member has done. • APK file • build.gradle (Module app) • project source (src) directory Team Name: Red-Team Team Members: Martin Abraham Aryeh Hoffman Sriram Ravipati

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