Chapter 23 Angiosperms Flowering PlantsDisussion Questions

Chapter 23 Angiosperms: Flowering PlantsDisussion Questions If the Earth’s surface continues to become warmer, what changes would you anticipate in the types of plants that are most successful?Review QuestionsWhat are the basic differences between gymnosperms and angiosperms. 5. What is the function of endosperm and does it originate? 7. Distinguish between radial and bilateral symmetry. 10. What is a herbarium?Chapter 25 EcologyDiscussion QuestionIf a vegetarian diet makes more efficient use of solar energy, should we all strive to become vegetarians for this reason? Explain your answerReview Quetions 1.How does acid deposition occur ? 3.Distinguish among a plant community a biotic community an ecosystem and a biome. 9.What is primary succession as opposed to secondary succession? 11.What is the greenhouse effect?

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