Assignment 1: Private and Public Agencies

Assignment 1: Private and Public Agencies

In this assignment, you will address the differences and similarities between public and private agencies, and their organizational structures and funding sources. This discussion will expose you to the many factors that influence how agencies function on a daily basis, from securing funding to selecting their model of service delivery. There will also be an emphasis on how systems theory is used when working with clients as well as how it influences operational structures of agencies.


Using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, explore some of the differences in the service delivery models used in private and public agencies. In your response, address the following:Identify several of the major differences in service delivery models used by private and public agencies.In your response, be sure to discuss the differences in the access to services, types of interventions, and the organization’s structure.Explain how these differences may affect clients or patients.As a professional, discuss how your job might be affected by other direct service providers or managers while working in these two settings.

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