Answer your assigned question set. Suggested length is a re

Answer your assigned question set. Suggested length is a response equivalent to about 150 words for each question. Cite specific examples, being sure to note the community/campus organization you’re working with. The organization is called ‘Sunny Dale Nursing Home’ It’s basically a Nursing Home. I just want you to make connections between the required readings and the Nursing Home in general and I will add more details by myself later. Discussion QuestionsQ1. (pg 94) Discuss what the words ‘sustainable’ and durable’ mean in reference to the partnership in Scenario #2? How are these adjectives important in describing campus-community relations and how do they relate to reciprocity? What differences of scenario #2 from scenario #1 make these possible? Use examples of how you’ve seen this in your own project. Q2. (pg 95) Discuss the definition of reciprocity used in this article… break the definition down and discuss examples of how reciprocity is demonstrated in your own project. Does this definition fit? If so or if not, compare/contrast your theory. Would you describe your learning at this point as more ‘transactional’ or ‘transformational’? How might you feel empowered to take action toward social change after your project is over? I attached the article to the question.

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