629_Student_Journal_week3/4This work refer to Circle Book w

629_Student_Journal_week3/4This work refer to Circle Book we have been using For your 2nd journal entry (Weeks 3/4), presuming you’ve read through Book 1, Parts 3 and 4 (pages will vary depending your edition of the book – it might be p. 305 – you should be through Book 1) ponder all of the following:First, think about the slogan ‘SECRETS ARE LIES | SHARING IS CARING | PRIVACY IS THEFT’, along with Mae’s going transparent. Is it ever true that secrets are lies, that sharing is caring, and that privacy is theft? Regardless of how you feel personally about that sentiment, try to argue both sides of it – for and against.Next, ponder Bailey’s words, ‘In a world where bad choices are no longer an option, we have no choice but to be good’ and ‘Do you behave better or worse when you’re being watched?’ – if you were under surveillance constantly, ‘transparent’, in the words of the book – from a partner, from your employer, from the government, from traffic enforcement, from school – would it change your behavior? How? Why? Does being watched change one as a person?Last, as with your first entry, how is the book making you feel so far?

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