2 Background ResearchAs part of this project each group memb

2 Background ResearchAs part of this project each group member will perform background research on one aspect related tosteel constructed buildings. Each group member should choose a different topic to research. Individualsmust write approximately one-half page pertaining to their background research. Individual backgroundwrite-ups should be submitted to the instructor prior to the final due date of the project.2The following background research topics should be explored: steel fabrication methods and/or steel recycling Steel vs concrete Braced frames vs moment frames Bolted connections vs welded connectionsYou are free to tie your background research into the rest of the paper in whatever manner you wish.However, you should ensure that your paper flows seamlessly, so make sure you draw some kind ofconnection to the project goal. For instance: explore the difference between braced frames and momentframes, but also mention why we might choose one frame over the other for our building project.Please do not forget to utilize resources such as the Engineering Library, and Engineering Librarians inaddition to the internet. It is expected that each member find at least 2 sources that are cited in theirindividual background portion, and at least one of these sources must be from a journal article orconference proceedings.#write one pageMy part is about this : beam member It was decided to use Wide-flange (W) shape elements for design of beam members. Figure 3.1.1 showsthe cross-section of a typical W-shape with all geometry characteristics labelled. Gross cross-sectionalArea of the member is calculated by approximating the member as 3 rectangles.Beams in tension need to be checked for tensile yielding and tensile rupture. Additionally, since beamsare to be connected to other elements using lines of bolts, another failure mode known as block shear isintroduced.Block shear is a phenomenon in which a blocky section is ripped away from the rest of the member.Block shear typically occurs in presence of bolt holes punched into the material, because the bolt holesweaken the shear strength of the material, allowing the failure to occur.For this beam, a layout of 4 rows of 3 bolt holes was chosen for the flange portion of the beam. Thislayout can be seen in Figure 3.1.2.

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