1. Philosophy of Practice [5 pages] Do you believe that hier

1. Philosophy of Practice [5 pages] Do you believe that hierarchical or non-hierarchical approaches to organizing administrative institutions and organizations are most desirable in the public sector?Should administrative processes be centralized or decentralized?Is the practice of public administration primarily a science or an art?What seems most desirable to you, a professionalized public administration with formally enforced standards of practice, values and ethics, and models of operation, or a participative public administration where administrators are ‘facilitators’ who bring citizens together to collaboratively administer public programs and policies? What basic values should guide the study and practice of public administration?Overall, if in a job interview you were asked to describe, briefly, youradministrative style, as a public servant, how would you respond?How do the political, economic, social and legal contexts of public administration affect your approach to management?In your opinion, what is the relationship between politics, policy and public administration? As an administrator, how would you participate in and contribute to the policy process? Why would you expect to approach it that way?______________________________________________________2. Change in Public Administration [3 pages] — This section asks you to consider what future changes you think may occur for the practice of public administration. It also asks you to reflect on those anticipated changes and address how you think they will affect your professional goals or your career. o What changes in the practice of public administration do you anticipate occurring in the next ten or twenty years? How will those changes affect your professional goals or your career?_________________________________________________________3. Reflective Essay [4-6 pages]-reviewing your knowledge, skills, aptitudes, attitudes, and abilities— What are you good at? What are your strengths? In what areas do you need to develop further?o People management?o Time management?o Project management?o Writing?o Oral presentation?o Computing?o Budgeting and fiscal management?o Problem solving?o Teamwork?

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