1. FEMA lists 15 functions in its Emergency Management Exerc

1. FEMA lists 15 functions in its Emergency Management Exercise ReportingSystem.FEMA defines a function as “an action or operation required in emergency response or recovery.”Any or all of those may be the primary or secondary focus of an exercise. I chose ESF9 (in the link below). Describe how ESF9 would be used in a response. 2. Envision an imaginary emergency operations plan for a small rural hospital ‘Anywhere General.”As the new disaster planner for AG, you have been asked to review that plan and make recommendations for change.Using the knowledge you gained during Principles and Planning, write a brief (250-500 words) summary of that fictional plan. That summary – which you should address to AG’s Board of Directors and CEO – should include parts of the plan you think are adequate and areas you think should be modified. To answer this please review the two courses in the links below, and the uploaded word file: https://emilms.fema.gov/IS120A/index.htm https://emilms.fema.gov/IS775/indexMenu.htm

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