1-Architectural Standards’ Please respond to the following:

1-Architectural Standards’ Please respond to the following: Software architectural standards should be evaluated with a critical eye before being adopted. Select a particular standard and provide an example where it may benefit or hinder a software development project. Support your answer.Speculate under what conditions (i.e., type or size of the application) one must adopt certain standards. Provide at least two examples or scenarios to support your answer . 2-Software Architects’ Please respond to the following:Imagine that you are in charge of a development team that has been contracted to create a large social networking system to compete with Facebook. Determine the roles in realm of software architecture, design, development, testing, and the support that will be necessary to have on the team to complete this project. Determine the optimal skills, experiences, education, training, and other attributes that each identified role must possess in order to fill the positions. In the same situation as Part 1 of this discussion, identify at least two additional non-standard and / or ‘out of the box’ attributes you believe should be attributes of a software architect candidate for your organization. Support your answer.

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