1-2 pagesAPA format no cover page needed3 scholarly referenc

1-2 pagesAPA format no cover page needed3 scholarly referencesDiscussion: The Role of HR in Health Care SettingsJanet has been working as a nursemanager for a little over six months. Since she took this position, nurses haveasked her a variety of questions related to paid leave, health insurancecoverage, retirement plans, and other important issues. Each new questioncauses Janet to wonder whether she is providing her staff with sufficientinformation. Janet realizes that she needs help answering these questions, andshe is curious to see if she can enlist the assistance of someone in the HumanResources department. Despite her experience as a nurse and as a nurse manager,Janet is not sure what kind of support HR can provide, nor how and when sheshould request their help.Nurse managers may be uncertainabout the roles that HR plays in health care organizations. In addition, manymanagers are unclear about how HR can support them with the staff function oftheir managerial responsibilities. As a nurse manager, what questions might youhave about HR’s role? Furthermore, how have your previous experiences impactedyour perceptions?To prepareReflect upon the role HR has played in your currentorganization or one with which you are familiar. What interactions haveyou noticed between HR professionals and other staff in this setting? Howdo these interactions compare to those of nurse managers and staff thatyou have observed?Complete the media survey, “Survey on HR,” found inthis week’s Learning Resources. Though this survey is not graded, takecareful note of the questions asked and the correct answers.Review Chapter 1, “The New Human Resource ManagementProcess” in the course text, Human Resource Management: Functions,Applications, & Skill Development, as well as this week’s media,“Introduction to Healthcare Human Resource Management.”Consider how your perceptions of HR are similar to ordifferent from the roles of HR described in the Learning Resources. Howdoes the role of HR differ from that of a nurse manager?Post a description of your media survey experience, includingyour survey results and your reactions to the survey. Explain at least twoperceptions that you held regarding the role of HR compared to the role of thenurse manager. Describe how these perceptions were similar to or different fromthe roles outlined in the Learning Resources. Without identifying individualsor organizations, support your response by briefly describing experiences thatmay have influenced your perceptions.

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